Welcome to Women In Horror!

In the horror and thriller pantheon, women have not always been seen as equal to their male counterparts. This is such a bizarre concept, as women have excelled at capturing terror since the dark ages!

Mary Shelley, Shirley Jackson, Agatha Christie, Kaaron Warren, Helen Oyeyem, Susan Hill…..these are just a few ladies who have shaken us to our very bones.


Unfortunately, horror films tend to play on misogyny, degrading women through brutal violence, using rape and revenge subgenres in often conflicting erotic scenes. Teen slasher films often seem to mock women, using masochism and menstruation as a form of female weakness and monstrosity.


However, we want to celebrate women in horror! We want to abolish the virgin final girl trope, and illustration women for who they truly are – interesting, clever, intelligent creatures, smart enough to stand beside men instead of behind.

Women In Horror will periodically feature interviews, essays, columns, and articles to highlight the successes of women, celebrating female writers and their craft.


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