Weapons Of Choice With Jo-Anne Russell

Jo-Anne Russell is a dark fiction writer and a publisher at Lycan Valley Press. Her work can be found in a multitude of anthologies and as standalone stories.



Jo-Anne Russell


Personally, I love a good sharp blade, one that glistens with blood in the moonlight after being withdrawn from a fresh cadaver. Classic horror usually shares my love for the sharp and shiny, but as I get older I find myself drawn to the more unusual weaponry.

In my writing, I tend to use simple, everyday objects; usually infused with paranormal or supernatural energies. For example, I have used a pair of dentures that morph into a torturous device that forces the wearer to obey. Another is an old sofa that ages you as you become rich, and a camera that punishes you and captures your essence if the photographer deems you a guilty soul.

Offhand I have used a brass cherub, drain cleaner liquid, a wood chipper, and a chunk of broken glass, as ‘normal’ weapons. I much prefer the others. While a character may use the first thing available to defeat an opponent, there comes a certain pleasure in their surprised expression when the item does more than they expect.



Bloody Woodchipper In ‘Tucker And Dale VS Evil’


In a recent tale I wrote, titled ‘You Are What You Eat,’ my ambitious protagonist is obsessed with becoming an A-List actress, but her mother’s verbal abuse is the true weapon; and the special diet pill simply becomes a vessel from which she transforms into a creature created by the pressures of society. Sometimes the ‘weapon’ is not as simple as a common blade.



Bloodied Blade


I am always excited when I read another writer’s work which has turned an innocent, everyday item into a weapon – especially if this has been done in an unexpected way. The options are limitless, and while I don’t expect to see the ‘usual suspects’ disappear anytime soon I look forward to experiencing more of the unexpected.

What weapon will your character use next?

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5 thoughts on “Weapons Of Choice With Jo-Anne Russell

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  2. Thank you, all!😊 Roh, you have that exactly right. In my book The Nightmare Project that is what happens when waking nightmares take over my MC.


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