Scary Confessions With Claire L. Fishback & James P. McDonald


Claire L. Fishback


Claire L. Fishback lives in Morrison, Colorado with her loving husband, Tim, and their pit bull mix, Belle. Writing has been her passion since age six. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys mountain biking, hiking, running, baking, and adding to her bone collection, though she would rather be stretched out on the couch with a good book (or poking dead things with sticks).

I am afraid of irrational things for the most part. Demons in my attic, things lurking in the darkest shadows at night. I’m also afraid of looking in mirrors in the dark. What if the face looking back isn’t mine? What if it is void of flesh? What if it has no eyes? And don’t even try to get me to glance into the open doorway at the end of the hall in the middle of the night. I fully expect to see someone — someTHING — standing there. Sometimes I look anyway. I’m always disappointed when the ‘thing’ isn’t there.



Scary Shadows


I’m not afraid of robbers, or people breaking in. I can handle that. It’s the ‘not real’ things that haunt my nights and influence my work.

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James P. McDonald


James is a business and technology consultant, fiction and non-fic author, technology and futurist speaker.

I, like most writers and artists, heavily influence our work based on our life experiences. I’ve always used writing as a tool for me to process and work through the issues in our lives.

I have spent most of my career working in fairly high-level, high-pressure environments consulting on business practices, implementing technologies, and understanding what and how people respond. As a result, my great fears tend to be around failure.

When I was an accountant, I still remember dreams, especially around year end, of dreams of green bar paper covered in jumbled numbers in my dreams. That one still gets me when it happens every once in a while.

But beyond that, I travelled heavily for twenty years. Living in airports, hotels, and constantly around a stream of moving people and energy. I’ve had nights where I’ve woken up in the dark, in a strange place, and not known where I was until I woke up enough to remember what city I was in. Even worse, is to get home, and not remember where things were, or at least where they were supposed to be. This does show up frequently in my work. Probably more often than I’d like, as I’ve even had an editor or two ask about it.

But the big one for me, on all of this, is the fear of failure. If a project fails in my line, it’s not usually going to kill someone. But I have been responsible for projects that if they failed, large numbers of people could or would lose their jobs. Even harder at times, successful implementation sometimes meant large numbers of people being laid off because of improvements in efficiency.

As a result, I wind up with many things happening in dreams, or altered states, I have characters and situations they can influence the outcome, but there isn’t necessarily a happy ending for everyone, or sometimes success means the lone figure walking out alive. Or maybe not.



Altered States


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5 thoughts on “Scary Confessions With Claire L. Fishback & James P. McDonald

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  2. Love it, Claire! I’m also afraid of looking in mirrors in the dark. Doesn’t it go back to all those slumber parties and the whole Bloody Mary thing? LOL!

    WOW, failure, James! The worst fear of all!


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