Bookcase Glimpses With Kaaron Warren

  By Kaaron Warren   With Lifeline Bookfair coming up, I thought I’d try to do a bit of a clean out of my bookcase. The problem is, anytime I try that I remember all the good books I own and haven’t read for a while. This is a snapshot of part of my ‘short … Continue reading Bookcase Glimpses With Kaaron Warren


Interview With Suzie Lockhart

By Rebecca Fraser Suzie Lockhart has an innate ability to appreciate, understand, and tell chilling tales. Together with her son, Bruce, she has published close to fifty short stories in various anthologies and eZines. After building a solid reputation for quality horror, the team were asked by a UK publisher to edit their acclaimed … Continue reading Interview With Suzie Lockhart

Women In Horror…In The Words Of Lee Murray

What first piqued your interest in horror, and why do you enjoy writing in the genre? A child born in the 60s, I was raised on Pinocchio, Grimm’s Tales and libraries of other allegoric tales meant to keep children on the straight and narrow, so perhaps there was an inevitability about my recent progression down … Continue reading Women In Horror…In The Words Of Lee Murray

The Wonderfully Horrific World Of Female Horror Writers

By Marty Young First published February 8, 2015. In January 2014, I ran a Horror Roundtable for the HWA called Sexism in Horror, and after that discussion, I went to my bookcase and considered the novels I owned. About eighty percent of them were by male writers. It wasn’t something done on purpose. Those who … Continue reading The Wonderfully Horrific World Of Female Horror Writers